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Jamie Carragher supports the Glasgow Rangers

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Q: What scottish team does Jamie carragher support?
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What team does jamie carragher support?


What Scottish team does john terry support?


How many times did Jamie Carragher play for Liverpool in the 199697 season?

In the 1996-97 Premier League season, Jamie Carragher's first in professional football, he played two games for Liverpool, and scored a single goal, in the second of these games, against Aston Villa - a goal which temporarily took the team to the top of the table.

Which football team does Jamie Archer support?

Wolverhampton Wanderers

What scottish football team does rory mcilroy support?

Celtic rangers

How much did Liverpool pay for Jamie carragher?

Nothing ! He started in their youth team - making his professional debut in the 1996/97 season. He moved to the first team the following season - he has been with Liverpool throughout his playing career.

What Scottish football team does Darren Fletcher support?

Darren Fletcher used to support Celtic club.

Who is Jamie Carragher's top ten team mates?

Hey! its iissmartizzy! I'm trying 2 answer the most questions! Jamie Carragher's top 10 team mates are: 10. John Barnes 9.Pepe Reina 8.Didi Hamann 7.Robbie Fowler 6.Gary McAllister 5.Fernnando Torres 4.Xabi Alonso 3.Micheal Owen 2.Sami Hypia 1.Steven Gerrald Hope I helped~! :)

What Scottish football team does the Queen support?

Asia, their captain Alex Lee.

What scottish team does Danny dyer support?

It is not known what Scottish team Danny Dyer likes. Danny Dyer likes the West Ham Football club based out of London.

What English football team does rod Stewart support?

Manchester United, although he is primarily a fan of the Scottish Glasgow Celtic.

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