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dirty duncan Ferguson for everton and Newcastle.

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Q: What scotsman has scored 50 premiership goals?
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50 (my boyfriends name is Justin Torres lol) hope i helped!!!♥

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How many goals has Fernando Torres scored for Liverpool in the premiership?

Well this is going to be hard to maintain the exact number as it is always changing. He was the fastest player in Liverpool FC history to reach the 50 goal mark. He achieved this in 72 games and scored his 50th against Aston Villa. Edit: 81 goals.

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As at 4-Feb-2010 : Torres has scored exactly 50 league goals.

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morice Richard

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Milan Hejduk (Colorado Avalanche) - 50 goals

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C.ronaldo scored 50 goals for Machester united. Mansoor jafari scored 250 goals in Liverpool. GO Liverpool

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