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Q: What score do you need to get a gold award on pro football on miniclip?
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How many challenges do you have to get to take the Gold Challenge Award on MiniClip?

To get the gold challenge award on MiniClip you must successfully win 200 challenges.

How do you get gold rank award on miniclip?

Gold Rank Award---300 challenge gamesGold Challenge Award---200 challenge games

How do you get the Disc Pool award on Miniclip?

you have to be a gold player

How do you get the gold rank award on Miniclip?

it depends which game ur on

How do you get gold challenge award on miniclip?

bronze 50 silver 100 gold 200

What is the easiest award on miniclip?

The easiest award for a game is the Volcanic Airways Gold. Submitted by hambon.

How do you get bronzesilver and gold challenge award on miniclip?

50 challenge wins = Bronze Award. 100 challenge wins = Silver Award. 250 challenge wins = Gold Award. 1000 challenge wins = Blue Award. Add my miniclip player as your friend. My name is JONEWILKNSUN2. Do it now! Thanks for reading!

How can you get specific miniclip player awards?

its easy, if you stay on miniclip for a year or so then you will gaet a award, usually, after youv been a miniclip player for about, a week to a month, you will get the bronze miniclip award, Every miniclip player who/that sign up to miniclip will get a green miniclip player award when they first start, andthen, once youv been on miniclip and getting awards and palying games and stuff, (ect!) you will end up getting the silver, then the gold, then after a while a blue as well!

How do you get gold on space bear on miniclip?

You have to get your bear 3,000 meters up for the gold and 10,000 for the blue award.

How do you get a gold gamer award in miniclip?

Play lots of games, I think it may be after 3.5 stars.

How do you get the gold award on classroom pilot on miniclip?

you have to go threw all the classroms and get 60 are less

How do you get the gold gamer award on miniclip?

Play lots of games. If you want to know for sure, just email them at

How do you get the gold rank award in miniclip?

Just play a lot of games, get a lot of hiscores, win challenges, and you will get 5 stars in your rank.

What is the cheat for the Miniclip game Balance and win the gold award?

You could press the Alt key then the spacebar.Or you could press the Alt key and the spacebar at the same time! My Miniclip Player: Mulmarina

How do you get the 5 min shoot em up award on miniclip?

You need to get 2,ooo,ooo points in 5 min shoot em to get the bronze award and to get the silver award you need 3,000,000 points and to get the gold award you need 5,ooo,ooo

How do you get gold challenge award miniclip?

Bronze: 50 Silver: 100 Gold: 250 Blue: 1000 totallywhofan

How do you earn awards on miniclip?

First go to award game then pick any game you want to play. When you pick the game you will see how to get the bronze award, silver and gold at the bottom. Please add me as a friend (Radixnator59)

How do you get the silver cup on miniclip players?

you can get this award by winning about 100 challenges. The gold is about 250 challenges, and blue is about 1000 won challenges, and i think diamond is 5000

How do you get the bronze doubles Disc Pool award on Miniclip?

You have to click on the gold token and then go against expert and then try to hit doubles i did it. add me im sam210shalom87

What is the fling free play award on miniclip?

1. You find the game "Fling". 2. The ones on the bottom are silver - getting upto lv 5 and gold - getting upto lvl 10.

What are some miniclip player awards?

Some Miniclip Players Awards are Official Miniclip Player, Bronze Challenge, Silver Challenge, Gold Challenge, Monkey Kick Off Gold, Bronze Sketch Star Artist, Bronze Rank, Silver Rank, Gold Rank, and more! There is also a blue rank and a blue challenge.

How do you get gold rank on miniclip?

3 stars is when i got it. Then after 250 challengs+ you get the challenge gold trophy.

Miniclip how to get pingpong award miniclip?

PingPong Champion (gold) 100 hits in a row without hitting groundPingPong Master (blue) 200 hits in a row without hitting groundThere is a cheat for it just go to to find it.Add me my name is rub101

Miniclip how many challenges do you need to win gold?

I think 1000!

How do you cancel your miniclip disc pool account if you are a gold player?

You can't