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Q: What schools offer sports medicine degrees?
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What are the specifications to obtain a grant for sports medicine?

Yes, there are degrees in sports medicine. You can also find certificate programs for them if you do not wish to obtain a college degree. You will have to search for schools that offer that program and apply to them.

Are there any online schools that offer sports management degrees?

There are many online schools which offer sports management degrees. Some of these schools include, but at not limited to: Post University, Ashford University, Liberty University and Ohio University.

Where can I obtain a degree in sports medicine?

Most universities offer sports medicine as a degree. Even some smaller institutions offer sports medicine as a degree. It is hard to get specific because without knowing where you are from I can't say the best schools in your area.

Are the any online schools that offer degrees in finance?

There are online schools that offer degrees in finance. Schools that offer online finance degrees include DeVry University, Kaplan University, and the University of Phoenix.

What is the most affordable school to get a degree in sports medicine?

Many colleges and universities around the world offer degrees in sports medicine. Some of the more well known and prestigious schools will be alot more expensive. In order to cut some of the cost an option to look into is beginning a college career at a junion or community college.

is there any online technical schools?

Yes, there are many technical schools that offer online degrees. Most technical schools such as ITT Tech offer on campus degrees as well as online schools.

What kind of degree do Theology schools offer?

Theology schools offer degrees of many areas, theological degrees mostly. Inquire a school of specific relevancy to learn which degrees they offer and how to obtain enrollment.

What schools offer Bachelors degrees in veterinary sciences in California?

There are multiple schools that offer Bachelors degrees in veterinary sciences in California. Most of the colleges and Universities in California offer these.

What kind of degrees do naturopathy schools offer?

Naturopathy schools, not surprisingly, offer Naturopathic degrees. These are long and hard degrees to obtain but if you stick with it, you can make a whole lot of money.

How many osteopathic schools offer DO degrees?


Which schools offer online hotel management degrees?

A list of schools that offer online hotel management degrees can be found at

What colleges offer degrees in sports in Minnesota?

None of them

What type of degrees do film schools offer?

Film schools offer bachelors of arts in film and computer generally.

What schools offer education to become a sports agent?


How many middle schools in America offer sports?


How many medical schools offer MD degree?

Most American medical schools currently offer the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree to graduates. Osteopathic medical schools in the United States offer the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree to graduates.

Which popular schools in Canada offer computer animation degrees?

There are many popular schools in Canada that offer computer animation degrees. One of the highest rated schools for animation is Sheridan in Oakville.

How did you get started in this sport?

to get started in sports medicine you must go to college for at least4 to 8 years and earn your doctorate degree here are some websiters that show you the list of the best colleges for thisEducation portal-list of schools that offer sports and list of best colleges for sports medicine.

Which online schools offer work experience degrees?

One of the most recommended online schools is Kaplan University. Their website can be reached at They offer a variety of degrees.

what schools offer HR degrees?

Most schools if not all schools offer Human Resource degrees. One popular school which would be one of the most reasonable schools to attend would be Colorado Tech.

Which universities in Canada offer masters degrees in communications?

No universities in canada offer masters degrees in communications. But, in Canada there are multiple schools.

What schools offer LPN degrees?

Many universities around the country offer LPN training. Small colleges, though they may offer some courses in nursing, generally do not offer full degrees, unless they are specifically designated as nursing schools.

What colleges in Maryland offer a degree in veterinary medicine?

There are no schools of veterinary medicine in Maryland; the closest would be Virginia Polytechnical.

What are some schools that offer Finance Associates degrees in Chicago?

Look into the City Colleges of Chicago system. There are 7 schools that each offer Associate's degrees. These schools include the Harry S. Truman College and the Wilbur Wright College.

Which universities in the United States offer schools of sonography?

Here are a few schools that offer sonography degrees: