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Duke Blue Devils in 2005

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Q: What school was the last to win both the NCAA and NIT in the same year?
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What year did the same school win both NCAA basketball championships?

2004 uconn

What are the names of the teams mens and womens that won the NCAA tournaments in the same year?

In 2004, Connecticut became the only school to have NCAA basketball men's and women's championships in the same year

When was the last time the same men and women's basketball team won the NCAA?

2004 Uconn

What universities have won both baseball and football NCAA titles in the same year?

2005 - Texas

Which school won the men's and women's NCAA Division 1 basketball championships in the same year?


When is the last time uconn boys and girls won the championship in the same year of basketball?

Connecticut won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1999 and 2004.

How many times have the mens and womens teams from the same school made it to the final game of the NCAA tournament?

Through 2013, 10 times a school has had its teams advance to the Final Four in NCAA men's and women's basketball in the same season. The NCAA sponsored a women's tournament for the first time in 1982, and Georgia was the first school to accomplish this feat in 1983. It would not happen again for 16 years, until Duke sent both of its teams to the Final Four in 1999.The other schools to achieve this are Oklahoma (2002), Texas (2003), Connecticut (2004, 2009 and 2011), Michigan State (2005), Louisiana State (2006) and Louisville (2013). Only Connecticut has won both championships in the same season (2004).

How are middle and elementary school the same?

they are both school

Has any NCAA school had five national champs in the same year?

University of Alabama hopefully by 6-4-12.

What basketball team won both the NCAA and NIT in the same year?

City College of New York in 1950

What NCAA Division I teams play football and basketball in the same building?

I don't think there is a team that plays both on a regular basis.

What NCAA school's mens and womens basketball teams won a national championship the same year?

In 1984 UCM, then Central Missouri State, was the first school ever to win NCAA men's and women's basketball championships in the same season. UCM swept the Division II titles in 1984. (The University of Connecticut would duplicate the feat in Division I in 2004).