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You basically need a decent CV and you have to be seriously fit and good at football. Good luck mate

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Q: What school qualifacations do you need to be a professional footballer?
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What qualifacations do you need for a bin man?

you have to have a levles

Do you need yto be smart to be a professional footballer?

yes you do just like messi he knows how long his pass needs to be so it is not a offside and so their crosses are well aimed so you doo need to be smart to be a footballer.

What degree requires to be a soccer player?

You need no education to be a professional footballer/ soccer player. They're are often regarded as being far from intelligent.

What qualifications does a professional soccer coach need to have?

Experience as a ex-footballer, many qualifications, managed many football clubs (higher the better).

What qualifacations do you need to become a drummer?

Punk rock, crazy, good, rythym, blood,sweat,and more blood

I am 13 years old and want to be a Footballer however I am not part of a football club atm Can I still be a footballer?

Of course you can. You need to keep practicing and play and try to find a club to join or play with a team in your school if there is one. If you get really good you could join a team and get noticed and may even be picked for a better team. It is not easy to become a professional, as you really need to be extremely good to do that. That takes a lot of hard work.

How do you become a professional teacher?

You can become a professional teacher by going to school. You need to go to school to earn degrees and then go out into other schools and teach.

What qualifacations do you need to be able to become an actor?

You need to be able to act. Actors come in all shapes, sizes, ages and genders, but they can all act.

What type of high school classes do you need to take to be a professional basketball player?

you need to be in basketball.XD

What is the chance of becoming a professional footballer?

unless your a phonomical player pretty unlikely. thers only about 96 qbs in the nfl and there all exremely good. but keep on trying and you have a shot!

Why do you need a eduaction for professional skateboarding?

you don't many professional skateboarders dropped out of high school for example p-rod

When Does A Footballer Need Power?

in the game