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Muncie Central Muncie Central

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Q: What school has won the most high school basketball Indiana State Titles?
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What high school girls basketball has most state championships?

Southwood (LA) High School has won the most state titles in girls basketball with 10

1951 Indiana high school state basketball championship game?

Muncie Centra

What state created basketball?


What is Indiana's state sport not the name?


What school has the most state titles in Texas?

Brownwood High School. They hold 7 state titles.

Which universities have won the most NCAA titles in all basketball?

UCLA 11 Titles Kentucky 7 Titles North Carolina 5 Titles Indiana 5 Titles Duke 4 Titles Kansas 3 Titles Cincinnati, Connecticut, Florida, Louisville, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State (Oklahoma A&M), & San Francisco All have 2 Titles each. No other team has more than 1 Title.

Where does butler university play basketball?

In the state of Indiana

What Div I mens basketball teams are from Indiana?

Purdue and Indiana for sure Notre Dame, Indiana State, Ball State, Butler

Which school has won most ncaa titles in a single sport?

UCLA Men's basketball Not even close. UCLA men's basketball has 11 titles. Oklahama State Wrestling has 34 - most of any college in any single sport.

What year did the South Oak Cliff High School girls basketball team win the state championship?

South Oak Cliff Girl's Basketball Team won State titles in 1977, 1980, 1985.

Who is the Indiana state center?

The Indiana State men's basketball center is #5 Justin Crant a junior from Terra Haute.

What 1986 basketball movie was loosely based on the Cinderella story of Milan High School which won the 1954 Indiana state championships?


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