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Q: What school has the most wins in the final four?
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What team has the most NCAA tournament wins without a final four?


What teams have made the most trips to the ncaa basketball final four?

With the victory over Xavier in 2008, UCLA has 18 Final Four appearances. If North Carolina wins, they will notch their 17th appearnce.

What team has the most NCAA tournament wins without ever reaching the final four?

BYU or Missouri -- it's one of them. I'm pretty sure it is Boston College. 18 tournament appearances, 22 wins, no final fours.

How are these four team ipl 4 2011 will go to final?

final - KKR vs DD KKR wins

Who has most High school basketball wins?

Centralia High School in Centralia, Illinois. They have 2032 wins.

Who has the second most wins in the Daytona 500?

Cale Yarborough has the second most wins in the Daytona 500, with four.

Which SEC football team has the most conference championships?

The team which has had the most SEC conference championships is Florida. The score is seven wins and three losses. The second team with the most wins is Alabama with four wins and four losses.

What school has the most orange bowl appearances and wins?

PITT has the most orange bowl appearances and wins.

Which High School has the most wins in basketball?

Jean Ribault High School----

School with the most division 1 football wins?


Who has the most wins in high school baseball?

John Karczewski

Who wins American Idol?

The person who wins American idol is the person who gets to the final two and gets the most most votes. The person who wins American idol is usually the best singer.

What pitcher won the most games in their final season?

Sandy Koufax (27 wins)

Which high school basketball team had the most wins in a row ever?

Darwin High School.

Which unc player has most wins in school history?

danny green

Which school has the most tourney wins without a championship?

Illinion Illinios

What high school has the most consecutive basketball wins?

Dobyns Bennett

Who wins the finals in prince of tennis?

Seigaku wins the final

What Indiana High School girls basketball coach has the most career wins?

Steve Neff 653 wins

Which college had the most wins in the NCAA final four tournament?

Assuming you mean only the Final Four and not the NCAA Tournament overall, the answer is UCLA. Depending on which games you choose to include, the number of wins is a constant subject for debate. UCLA has 11 National Championships, the best record of any NCAA school. One of the arguments over which wins to score stems from the 1980 Championship Game appearance against Louisville. Although the Bruins defeated Purdue (67-62) to reach the finals, the NCAA later vacated the win based upon alleged rules violations. Louisville beat the Bruins to take the National Championship, 59-54. The other is whether one wishes to count the consolation games which were only played from 1946 to 1981. In those games the losers of each semi-final game played for the third place position. UCLA won twice (2 wins). In 1974 UCLA beat Kansas, and in 1976 UCLA beat Rutgers. 11 National Championships (22 wins in the final four, one win for the semi-final, one win for the National Championship); 2 semi-final wins without a win in the National Championship game (1980, 2006, 2 wins); 2 consolation wins (2 wins); and the 1980 semi-final win which was later vacated (-1). Now all you have to do is decide which wins you want to include and do the math.

Who has the most quarterback wins in the Super Bowl?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are tied with four super bowl wins each.

Witch qb has the most Super Bowls wins?

Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw are presently tied at four wins in the Superbowl.

What High-School Basketball Program has the most wins?

Dobyns Bennett High School in Kingsport Tennessee achieved 2,000 basketball wins in the 2006-2007 season!

What high school football team has the most wins in Michigan?


Most wins by high school football coach in Ohio?

Terry Malone