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Q: What school has a better law degree UNC or Duke?
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Who has more championships duke or unc?

Duke has 18, UNC has 17.

Is UNC a better college than DUKE?

well, it depends if you are talking about sports or academics but otherwise it is more of a how much of brain you have Unc is better....GO TARHEELS!! By the way, Duke fans are pukees. Go Unc DOOKH8R

What is the best school to go to if you want to be in the NBA?

Duke or UNC

Who has more national championships UNC or Duke?

Unc is definetly a better college than duke and has a better athletic program, yes duke had Christian latener, and bobby hurley, but unc had Michael Jordan, and he could beat those player by 20 points in a game of 2 on 1, and there you have it folks unc is a better college than duke!

Do you like North Carolina or Duke?

In my opinion, Duke is much better than UNC. They are both excellent teams, though.

Who is more popular Duke or North Carolina?

Both are very popular, but Duke is a private school, and UNC is state supported, having more grads, and that equates to more fans overall. Duke-UNC is the best rivalry in college sports.

School that won the most ACC championships in mens basketball?

UNC and Duke tie for 17

What are the release dates for Duke vs- UNC - 1995?

Duke vs- UNC - 1995 was released on: USA: February 1995

When is the last time Carolina beat Duke?

2010. And beat UNC in 21 of last 31 games between Duke and UNC.

Who won the last ten ACC regular season championship?

The ACC does not officially recognize a"regular" season champion but many coaches and fans do. The list: 2002- Maryland 2003- Wake Forest 2004- Duke 2005- UNC 2006- Duke 2007- UNC, Virginia 2008- UNC 2009- UNC 2010- Duke, Maryland 2011- UNC

Who has won more ncaa tournament games since 1985 unc or duke?

Duke Duke: 4 (1991, 1992, 2001, 2010) UNC: 3 (1993, 2005, 2009)

Who are UNC's rivals?

NC State, Duke