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Q: What school does payton list go to?
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What school does payton burrows go to?

Springs High School.

Where did Walter Payton go to Elementary School?


Is Payton list Mormon?

No, Payton List is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the "Mormon" church).

Who is prettier Peyton list or Peyton bladzik?

payton bladzik

Does Payton list have any siblings?

she has 2 brothers phoenix and spencer list

Is payton list 14?

Yes she is p.s. she is awesome

How may brothers does payton list have?

she has two brothers.

When was Payton List born?

1996 april 6

What college did Walter Payton go to?

Jackson State

What nicknames does Payton Spencer go by?

Payton Spencer goes by Scooter.

What nicknames does James Payton go by?

James Payton goes by The Actor.

What nicknames does Summer Payton go by?

Summer Payton goes by Somamoma.