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Q: What scares the chute out of a barophobic skydiver?
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What kind of chute do skydiver's use?

a parachute

What chute does a skydiver need?

Main and Reserve

What if a skydiver passes out and the AAD deploys a tangled chute?

He will most likely be killed by the hard impact under a partially/non-inflated reserve.

How do parachutes work?

Parachutes work by creating drag as they open and catch air, which slows down the descent of an object or person. The parachute's canopy is designed to create aerodynamic lift and decrease the terminal velocity of the falling object, ultimately allowing for a softer and safer landing.

What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Thrill - 2014?

The cast of Beyond the Thrill - 2014 includes: Nick Halseth as Skydiver Greg Heideman as Skydiver Andy Junghans as Skydiver John Kreutchmeyer as Skydiver Alissa Olson as Skydiver

When did Eli Thompson - skydiver - die?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - died in 2009.

When was Eli Thompson - skydiver - born?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - was born in 1973.

Did you hear about the outlaws who went skydiving?

They had a chute out!

What is another name for a small parachute?


What effects a parachute from falling faster?

* The downward facing area of the chute * The density of the air * The mass being lowered by the chute * The integrity of the chute * The motion of the air around the chute

How tall is Ira Chute?

Ira Chute is 6' 4".

When was Poop Chute created?

Poop Chute was created in 1996.