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Peanut butter and jelly

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Q: What sandwich does Sidney Crosby eat before each game?
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Who scored the most goals in 2009-10 in the NHL?

Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos each scored 51 goals

Is Sidney Crosby good at hockey?

He is among the Scoring leaders each year in the NHL. With achievements, Crosby has achieved an impressive career in just 6 season. That makes him a good hockey player based on how high you set your standards.

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Who is better Malkin or Crosby?

It depends on what we are talking about. If we are talking about them on any good day I would take Crosby hands down. Crosby is a much more consistent player on a daily basis. But if we are talking about each player while on their prime then it would be Malkin.

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Dodgerflims is this guy named "Bobby Crosby" and he attends to go to every Dodger home game each season. And he video tapes himself catching fly balls during batting practice. And NO its not that Bobby Crosby from the Oakland As. There are 2 Bobby Crosby's. Check him out on YouTube NOW!!!!!!!!

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