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Generally, a player will get off with a simple warning for minor misbehavior considering how stressful the sport can be. But if the actions get out of control the player may be penalized; such actions would include foul language to the coaches, players, and/or umpires; throwing the raquet or balls, or any other form of unsportsman-like conduct deemed by the authorities. The first violation results in a single point awarded to the opposing player. The second violation during the match results in four points awarded to the opposing player (not to be confused with a game.) If the score is 30-15 and the server receives his/her second violation then the opposing player recieves 4 points. So he/she wins that game but also starts the next game with a 15-0 lead. If the player receives a third violation, he/she then forfeits the match and is disqualified from play and therefore loses. Even though 3 warnings are given before a disqualification, if the action is drastic enough then the umpire or coach may immediately forfeit the player on the first or second violation. Other penalties such as suspension and fines are determined by league or team rules and should be looked into before playing.

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Q: What sanctions are applied to players for inappropriate behaviour in tennis?
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