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Walter Peyton of the Chicago Bears

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Q: What running back has the most rushing touch downs in NFL history?
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How many touch downs did tiki barber get?

55 rushing, 12 receiving.

Peyton Manning how many touch downs total?

366 passing, 17 rushing.

How many touch downs did dan marino had.?

420 passing touchdowns and nine rushing touchdowns.

What running back has the most career rushing touch downs in a super bowl?

Emmitt Smith ... 165 TD's, he's also the NFL All Time Leader for carries & yards ... also the all time playoff leader for most rushing categories

Which Cincinnati Bengal player has the team record for rushing touch downs in a year?

Elbert "Ickey" Woods had 15 rushing touchdowns for the Cincinnati Bengals in 1988 (his rookie year).

Most rushing tds?

The most career rushing touchdown record is currently held by Emmit Smith with 164. The most in a single season is 27 byLaDainian Tomlinson in 2006. The most rushing touch downs by an active player is LaDainian Tomlinson with 145.

What is the single game rushing touch down record for a college running back?

Sherman Myers scored 6 rushing touchdowns for temple in 1979 vs Syracuse

How many touch downs have the Green Bay Packers made per season?

see click on "history"

Who can score touch downs?


Who uses the slogan 'We're in touch so you be in touch'?

hugh downs

What does tds mean in football?


Who holds the record for the longest rushing touchdown in the Super Bowl?

The Pittsburgh Steelers running back "Fast" Willie Parker holds the longest rushing touch down in Super Bowl History. Parker raced 75 yards for a touch down in Super Bowl XL. The Pittsburgh Steelers went on the defeat the overmatched Seattle Seahawks 21-10 to capture their record 6th NFL Super Bowl Title.

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