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Q: What running back had the most yds rushing with brett favre?
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What is the best quarterback running back combination in the NFL?

Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson

Who is the youngest running back in NFL?

herschel walker

Who is the toughest quarter back in the NFL?

Brett favre

Who was greenbay quarter back before Brett Favre?

Brett Favre replaced Don "Magic Man" Majkowski during the 1992-3 season

Who was green bay quarter back in Super Bowl 31?

Brett favre

Is Brett Favre retiring?

No he is not going to retire. he is hella good

Brett Favre is the only player in NFL history to receive back to back to back MVP awards In what seasons did he do this?


How many fingers of receivers did Brett Favre break?

Brett Favre broke all ten of WRs Antonio Freeman's fingers

Is Brett Favre coming back to the Green Bay Packers?

No he went to the Jets and now the Vikings

Will Brett Favre be cut?

No. As of February 2010, Rick Spielman (chief coordinator, Minnesota Vikings) says he want Brett Favre back another year. In addition, Brad Childress, the head coach of the Vikings team, is letting Brett Favre take his time regarding his future career: he will not give Brett Favre a deadline. Now, of course, its up to Brett Favre whether he continues his record-setting consecutive start streak by playing another year. Although he recently told ESPN he highly doubts his return, Favre has already "retired" twice in a row, so he may continue even if he says he has quit.

How do you get Brett Favre on madden 10 for PS3?

download him on a flash drive and plug it in to the back of the ps3 and download him in

Is Brett Favre really coming back?

No, Brett Farve is not coming back. He retired.Actually i personally think Brett favre will come back. i think he will come back because he came to the vikings to win a super bowl. he will come back next year to win the super bowl for the vikes!!!!!! once he heals up, he will notice that he is the best quarterback in the nfl. he wont quit till he wins