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he wont, ben tate is much better! war eagle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

---that was the previous answer.

Ben Tate's production was inconsistent and he shared the load until having a big senior season. Can be caught at times making multiple cuts. Tate doesn't possess elite size or power but also doesn't have great elusiveness to make defenders miss or excel on the perimeter.

Realistic Answer- Golden Tate is the second most talented receiver in the 2010 NFL Draft. The only receiver who I believe has more skill is Dez Bryant. Golden Tate also performed better than any player in the NFL Combine. He ran a 4.42 40, and had a 10.0" broad jump. Also he put up 17 reps of 225 pounds. He's a very strong, and an even more explosive receiver. Golden Tate should could go anywhere from mid-first round, to early second. Either way, anyone who gets this receiver is going to have an instant contributor.

Now that's an answer from someone who actually knows a thing or two about football.

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Q: What round will golden tate be drafted in the 2010 NFL draft?
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