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Amani Tommer was drafted in the 2nd round.

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Q: What round was Amani Toomer drafted in?
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How tall is Amani Toomer?

Amani Toomer's birth name is Amani Askari Toomer.

When was Amani Toomer born?

Amani Toomer was born on September 8, 1974, in Berkeley, California, USA.

How old is Amani Toomer?

Former NFL receiver Amani Toomer is 42 years old (born September 8, 1974).

Which NFL player is number 81?

Amani Toomer

Amani toomer 40 yard dash time?

4.49 out of college4.49 out of college

What position does amani tumor play for the ny giants?

it's "toomer" and he plays wide receiver for Kansas City now.

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The cast of Gift of New York - 2006 includes: Kerry Collins as himself Amani Toomer as himself

What round was Ed Johnson drafted in?

He was drafted in the 8th round.

What round was Bob Sanders drafted in?

Bob Sanders was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts in the 2nd round.

What round did Larry Allen get drafted in?

He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the second round of the 1994 NFL draft.

What is the birth name of Ron Toomer?

Ron Toomer's birth name is Ronald Valentine Toomer.

What round was Nick Barnett drafted?

1st round