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Lenin ended Russia's involvement in World War 1 by having Russia enter into the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk with the Central Powers soon after he took power in Russia after the October Revolution of 1917. Lenin did no fighting in the war.

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Q: What role did Vladimir Lenin play in World War I?
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What was Vladimir Lenin's role in the government?


What role did Vladimir Lenin have in Russia in 1917?

Lenin was the Bolshevik leader when coditious were ideal for a takeover of the government

What role did Vladimir Lenin have Russia in 1917?

Lenin was the Bolshevik leader when coditious were ideal for a takeover of the government

What was Lenin's role during World War 2?

Lenin had no role in World War 2. He had died in 1924 about 15 years before World War 2 started.

Who was Lenin and what was his role in the Russian Revolution?

Vladimir Lenin was a Russian revoluntary. He led the Bolshevik party in the Russian Revolution and won against the Russian Republic. This led to the creation of the Soviet Union.

Did Vladimir Lenin have a personal animosity towards the Romanov Czar?

Vladimir Lenin;s older brother, Alexander, had been a Marxist revolutionary. Subversive activities in Russia were always subject to betrayal among conspirators. Alexander was arrested and hanged by the Romanov dynasty. This surely played a role in his passion to topple the Romanovs.

What effect did Vladimir Lenin seizing control have on Russia's role in World War 1?

Lenin ended Russia's participation in WW I, recognizing the need to concentrate Russia's efforts on establishing their own new government, since the 1917 Revolution had only just occurred not long before he took over.

Why were Trotsky and Lenin friends?

Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin were friends because they both were Marxists and believed that a Bolshevik revolution was needed to overthrow the Provisional Government after Tsar Nicholas stepped down. Trotsky held an important role as Minister of War under Lenin. By 1920 or so, they had disagreements over Marxism and its application to the new Soviet Union.

What was the Soviet Union's role in World War I?

It didn't exist yet; Russia was still an empire, ruled by a Tsar. Germany helped Vladimir Lenin return to Russia, hoping to weaken their government enough to make them quit the war, since they were Germany's main adversary in the east. (The October Revolution started without Lenin; he promptly took credit for it, and all the power that he could.)

What did Vladimir Lenin hope the Russian revolution would start?

Lenin hoped the Russian Revolution would start Communist revolutions in other countries. That was one reason he created the Communist International. He wanted the Bolsheviks to have an active role in fomenting Communist revolutions in as many other countries as possible.

What role did the Bolsheviks play in the Russian Revolution of 1917?

They fought to overthrow the Provisional government and established communism in Russia.

Who was Lenin and what was his role during the Russian Revolution?

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What role did the nobility peasant the church Russian orthodox Lenin Karl Marx Trotsky and Stalin play in the Russian Revolution?

They invented the Comma. it looks like this: ,

What role did Pravda take in the Russian Revolution?

the name means truth in Russian. It was a legal daily newspaper made by Vladimir Lenin subject to postpublication censorship by the tsarist authorities. after years of unsuccessful police harassment, the authorities closed the paper.

What role did Lenin and the Bolsheviks play in the February Revolution?

Lenin played no part in the February Revolution of 1917. He was living in exile in Switzerland at the time and was actually taken by surprise that it happened. The February Revolution was a spontaneous uprising by the people of St. Petersburg that spread to other cities. Lenin returned to Russia courtesy of the German High Command of World War I, because the Germans hoped he would cause further revolution in Russia and take it out of the war.

What was Lenin's role in the Fascist Party?

Lenin was never a member of the Fascist Party. Bemito Mussolini was head of the Fascist party in Italy. Lenin was leader of the Boshevik (later renamed Communist) Party.

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NGO's play a very important role as they play a parallel role to governments of the world as they are organizations that help humanity. They advance causes like human rights, poverty, income inequality, hunger, food preservation, and water safety. They are as essential as the world's individual governments.

What was Lenin's role in the Russian Revolution?

Lenin lead the Bolshevik revolution in 1917, and went on to become the absolute dictator of the communist state created by that revolution.

What happened after lenin was returned to russia?

After Lenin was returned to Russia he played a role in orchestrating the October Revolution. He returned to Russia in 1917 after the Tsar was ousted.

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What role did Leon Trotsky play under Lenin?

Leon Trotsky had excellent organizational skills and that was the type of duties Lenin needed from him. He was successful in re-organizing the Red Guard, using a combination of discipline and chain of command responsibility to turn them into one of the most feared armies of the time. Although he was Lenin's right hand man, his personality did not win him many friends. After Lenin died, it was not surprising when Trotsky failed to become his successor.

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