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Rahab helped the two Israelite spys hide when they were spying on Jericho

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Q: What role did Rahab play in helping the israelites inhabit the promise land?
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Is the Rahab that helped Joshua the same Rahab mentioned in the lineage of Christ?

In the Bible, her name was 'Rahab'. At Joshua chapters 2 through 6, Rahab was instrumental in helping the Israelites in their conquest of Jericho. She hid the two spies that Joshua had sent to spy out the land. And yes, she is the same Rahab mentioned in the lineage of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, Rahab and Bath-sheba were the not Israelite women, but they purified themselves and became Hebrew by marriage. Jesus' earthly mother Mary was the only Jewish woman mentioned in the Bible as an ancestress.

How did Rahab let the invading israelites identify her house?

she tied a red thread in the window

Why is Rahab in the bible so special?

Rahab was a prostitute that lived in Jericho and helped Joshua's spies to escape being found by the king of Jericho. They promised to spare her and her family's life for her help, and followed through on this promise before destroying the rest of Jericho. Rahab is especially important, however, because she is one of Jesus' ancestors.

Is rahab an israelitie?

No. Rahab was actually a Canaanite. She was of the Amorite culture.

How is Rahab is related to God?

Rahab is not related to god, but to Joseph.

What did rahab do for god?

Rahab hid the spies who were sent by Joshua.

What was the name of the woman who hid the spies at Jericho?


What was Rahab's relation to Moses?

None, Rahab was a Canaanite and Moses was an Israelite.

Who is Rahab in The Bible?

Rahab was a canaanite prostiture living within the city of Jericho.

How long did it take the spies to return to rahab?

They returned from Rahab after three days (Joshua 2).

Was Rahab the first prostitute?

Definitely not. The prostitution vocation existed long before Rahab was ever born.

Did rahab lied?