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it all depends on your opinion on speed, style or traction.

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A wittle baby duckling rides better than both!

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Q: What rides better in snow Dirt bike or a quad?
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How does a dirt bike go more places than a ATV?

because if there is 2 trees close togather, a dirt bike has a better chance of making it in between them than a quad does. A 4wd atv can go more places(easier) than a dirt bike, especially mud/water .

Where is it legal to ride a dirt bike or quad in CT?

The tohmaston dam

How old do you have to be to drive a dirt bike offroad in Alberta?

i don't think you have to be an age to drive a dirt bike it's just with quad's you have to be.... if your on public land

Hi does a 49cc quad dirt bike and a 49cc road bike 2wheels have the same carbi havn trouble with the dirt bike carbi want 2 swap with the road bike 1?


Where can a Suzuki quad bike be bought?

There are a number of places where one might be able to purchase a Suzuki quad bike. They can be purchased at most motorcycle or dirt bike stores. They can also be purchased used on websites such as Craigslist.

Where can you ride a dirt bike in gainesville fl?

i went on the beach with my quad so i guess your fine there.

Where are Pocket bike tracks in new jersey?

I ride my quad in Englishtown on the dirt track. You should be allowed there.

How do you get to the GNCC races?

you put the quad or the dirt bike or whatever you have on a trailer or the bed of your truck and drive to the race

Who invented the first quadbike?

how invented the quad bike how invented the quad bike how invented the quad bike

How do you do a perfect quad jump?

first you need a ramp,once you have a ramp start your quad or dirt bike and go slowley up to the ramp then hit the throtle half way

Should kids be allowed to ride ATVs?

yes they should. it is good for a kid to learn to ride a quad or dirt bike

What is better a quad bike or a motorbike?

It's more a question of different rather than "better". A quad is easier to ride, but a motorbike is more nimble and handles differently.