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Shaquille o'neal

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Q: What retired NBA players won championships with at least two different teams?
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How long does it take to get in the NFL hall of fame?

Players and coaches must be retired for at least five years before they are eligible for induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.

What is the average retirement salary of an NFL football player?

For each year of service, players who retired after 1981 receive annual pension payments of between $3,000 and $5,640. More recently-retired players receive annual payments closer to $5,640 for each year of service, while those who retired in the early '80s receive closer to $3,000 per year in the league. Players who played at least 10 seasons also receive a retirement bonus in the form of annuity income.

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What are the qualifications for membership in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Players are elected to the Hall of Fame by the Baseball Writers Association of American and the Veterans Committee. The BBWAA elects recent players and the VC elects players who played many years back. The BBWAA eligibility requirements are that the player have played 10 MLB seasons within the last 25 years, been retired for at least 5 seasons, and not be on MLB's ineligible list. Should a player die before meeting the 5 year retired requirement, they are eligible to be elected in the next regular election. The VC eligibility requirements are that the player played for 10 seasons and have been retired for at least 21 seasons. The VC also elects managers, executives, and umpires to the Hall of Fame that have been retired for at least 5 seasons. If the manager/executive/umpire is 65+ years old, the 5 year waiting period is reduced to 6 months.

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At least UCLA who has won 11 NCAA Basketball Championships alone! Who else? The University of Arkansas has 44 championships in the caegories mentioned.

What is Kristi Yamaguchi doing now?

kristi yamaguchi is a caring adult for her two daughters, and a loving wife for a retired hockey player named Bret hendican. 1 of her dauhters are named Emma and one is named keara. last but not least, she is still winning championships for figure skating!( thank you for reading my answer! i appreciate it!)

How many players have worn the number 99 in the NHL?

I believe only one Wayne Gretzky. No, more than 1 person has worn #99, Gretzky is merely the most famous. Wilf Paiement, for example, also wore that number. So the best answer I can give right now is: at least 2 (but not many). The #99 was retired league-wide after Gretsky retired. So no other player has had the #99 AFTER Wayne Gretsky. I have no idea how many wore it BEFORE him. It is also entirely possible and probable that other players on other teams wore the #99 at the same time that he was wearing it for the team he was on. At least, five players : - Gretzky - Joe Lamb - Des Roche - Leo Bourgault - Wilf paiement

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