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Roman Catholic

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Q: What religious background is practiced on the campus of St Bonaventure University?
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What religious background was practiced on campus at St Bonaventure University?

i believe it is catholic im not sure though!!!

What has the author Bonaventure written?

Bonaventure has written: 'St. Bonaventure's 'Disputed questions on the knowledge of Christ'' 'Holiness of life' -- subject(s): Monastic and religious life of women 'The life of Saint Francis' 'Opus super primo libro sententiarum, prima pars' 'St. Bonaventure's 'Disputed questions on the mystery of the Trinity'' 'Speculum discipline Sancti Bonaventure ad novicios'

Is Oxford university a religion university?

Oxford University isn't a 'religious' University as such, but it does teach theology, the study of religions, amongst other degree courses. Also, it has Permament Private Halls - essentially, halls of religious foundation, which were initially founded to house a small community of undergraduates and postgraduates who ultimately wished to become ministers, but several accept students of any religious background. Historically a religious background was required to be a member. From the Reformation to 1870, only Anglicans were admitted. Many of the colleges have their own chapels and churches.

What is the religious background of absurdity?

Absurdity has no religious background. The concept is rooted in the human consciousness.

Where in America was religious tolerance practiced?

Rhode Island

What religion was Gandhi part of?

A paper on the Boston University website claims that Gandhi was brought up as a Hindu as that was the religion that his mother and other family members practiced.

What Moghal emperor practiced religious tolerance?

only Akbar.

Where was the first place in America where religious tolerance was practiced?

Rhode island was the very first place that true religious tolerance was practiced according to my American History Book!

Is tradition and religious practice the same?

Tradition is based on clans,and religious practices are practiced from those who practice them.

Is Ohio state university religious?

If you are asking if the university has a religious affiliation, no it doesn't. Ohio State is a public university.

What is the Religious background of the family in mrs doubtfire?

There is no reference to the family's religious beliefs.

What is the religious background of the metaphysical age?