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Q: What religion is basketball player Andrei Kirilenko?
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What is Andrei Kirilenko known for?

Andrei Kirilenko is a Russian professional basketball player. Andrei plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves who are in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

How much money does Andrei Kirilenko make?

NBA player Andrei Kirilenko made $3183000 in the 2013-2014 season.

How much does Kyle Korver weigh?

NBA player Andrei Kirilenko weighs 235 pounds.

Isn't Andrei Kirilenko a cheater because when Luis Scola just touched his shoulder real lightly he went flying?

No, a ref calling a good foul doesn't make a good player a cheater!

Which NBA player has the nickname AK47?

Utah Jazz Player, Andrei Kirilenko # 47. Kirilenko led the Jazz in many statistical categories:total points: 1284points per game: 16.5total rebounds: 629rebounds per game: 8.1blocks: 215blocks per game: 2.8steals: 150steals per game: 1.9free throws made: 392free throws attempted: 496three-pointers made: 68three-pointers attempted: 201

What religion is basketball player Gordon Hayward?

He's Muslim

How tall is Andrei Loktionov?

NHL player Andrei Loktionov is 5'-10''.

How tall is Andrei Markov?

NHL player Andrei Markov is 6'-01''.

Does Andrei Loktionov shoot right or left?

NHL player Andrei Loktionov shoots left.

Does Andrei Markov shoot right or left?

NHL player Andrei Markov shoots left.

How much does Andrei Loktionov weigh?

NHL player Andrei Loktionov weighs 180 pounds.

How much does Andrei Markov weigh?

NHL player Andrei Markov weighs 204 pounds.