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Jeremy Lin is a Christian, there are a lot of other Basketball players who are variety of different religions.

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Q: What religion are some basketball players?
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Who were some of the popular players in basketball?

i am

Name of the players of basketball?

there are many basketball players in the nba and in college basketball , some of the most known basketball players are: Shaq. , Micheal Jordan , Dwight Howard , and Kobe Bryant.

Where do basketball players hang out after games?

After a game the basketball players always goes out to eat some place.

Do basketball players like the fans?

some do, some don't

Who are the players in basketball?

there are many players in the NBA and college basketball. Some of the well known players are:Micheal Jordan , Magic Jonhson , and Kobe Bryant.

How much do professional basketball players earn per year?

Some basketball players get paisd over 5,000,000 a year

Who is more athletic football players or basketball players?

Basketball players are!

Who were some of the greatest basketball players?

Michael Jordan

What are some opportunities for basketball players?

They get paid to play.

Who are some Christian basketball players for the Celtics?

Most of them

What do you call the players of the basketball game?

Basketball players.

Who are some wheelchair basketball players?

There are many different types of wheelchair basketball teams. Some players on the Canadian wheelchair basketball team are Patrick Anderson, Chantel Benoit and Tara Feser.

Does Nike make the shoes worn by professional basketball players?

Yes, Nike makes the shoes worn by some basketball players.

What is the collective noun for basketball players?

The collective noun for basketball players is the same as a team of players; a team of basketball players.

Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

Who gets paid more by game basketball players or soccer players?

basketball players

Who are some Brazilian NBA basketball players?

Nene Hilario

What are some of the typical injuries basketball players can get?

sprained ancle

Are there any dead basketball players?

Yes, there are dead basketball players.

Who makes more money golf or basketball players?

basketball players

Do rapper make more money basketball players?

Basketball players

What do the players of basketball do?

play basketball

Do basketball players wear mouth guards?

Yes they do because some of these basketball players may be elbowed or hit not considering that their teeth could break

How do basketball players appear to hang in the air?

Basketball players can appear to hang in the air when they hold onto the rim of the basket. This is a move that is popular among college basketball players, and professional basketball players.

Where and when were the first basketball players paid?

they first payed basketball players in 1896