What region is San Antonio in?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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great plains

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Q: What region is San Antonio in?
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What region of texas is San Antonio in?


Which cities of san antonio and santa fe are located in which region?


What are the waterways of the coastal plains region?

Guadalupe River , San Antonio River, and Brazos River.

How far is san antonio riverwalk from SeaWorld san antonio?

sea world is in san antonio.

How long does it take to drive frm San Antonio bay to San Antonio?

Driving distance frm san antonio bay to san antonio

What are waterways in the coastal plains region of Texas?

Guadalupe River , San Antonio River, and Brazos River.

What are some of the waterways in the coastal plains region?

Guadalupe River , San Antonio River, and Brazos River.

Is San Antonio in California?

San Antonio is in Texas.

Where is the San Antonio Public Library in San Antonio located?

The address of the San Antonio Public Library is: 600 Soledad St, San Antonio, 78205 1208

How many speak Spanish in San Antonio?

It depends on which San Antonio you're talking about:ArgentinaSan Antonio, Jujuy, Jujuy ProvinceSan Antonio de ArecoSan Antonio OesteSan Antonio de los CobresSan Antonio, MisionesCape San Antonio, ArgentinaChileSan Antonio, ChileSan Antonio ProvinceCubaSan Antonio de los BañosSan Antonio del SurCape San Antonio, CubaGuatemalaSan Antonio Aguas CalientesSan Antonio HuistaSan Antonio IlotenangoSan Antonio La PazSan Antonio PalopóSan Antonio SacatepéquezSan Antonio SuchitepéquezMexicoSan Antonio, San Luis PotosíSan Antonio Acutla, OaxacaSan Antonio de la Cal, OaxacaSan Antonio Huitepec, OaxacaSan Antonio la IslaSan Antonio, Baja California SurUnión de San Antonio, JaliscoPhilippinesSan Antonio, Northern SamarSan Antonio, Nueva EcijaSan Antonio, QuezonSan Antonio, ZambalesPeruSan Antonio District, CañeteSan Antonio District, HuarochiríSan Antonio River (Peru)CaliforniaLake San Antonio in Monterey County and San Luis Obispo CountyMount San Antonio of the San Gabriel Mountains, the highest point in Los Angeles CountySan Antonio, California, an unincorporated community in Marin CountySan Antonio, Oakland, California, a neighborhood in Alameda CountySan Antonio Creek (Marin County, California), an eastward-flowing stream in Marin County and Sonoma CountySan Antonio Dam in Monterey CountySan Antonio Reservoir (Alameda County)San Antonio River (California) in Monterey CountySan Antonio Valley, California in Santa Clara CountySan Antonio Valley AVA, a wine region in Monterey CountyOther US LocationsBarrio San Antonio, a neighborhood of Tucson, ArizonaSan Antonio, FloridaSan Antonio, New MexicoSan Antonio, Texas San Antonio River, Texas, originating in San Antonio San Antonio Springs, springs that provide a large portion of the water for the riverUruguaySan Antonio, CanelonesSan Antonio, SaltoElsewhereSan Antonio Cayo, Cayo District, BelizeLaguna San Antonio, a lake in BoliviaSanto Antônio do Sudoeste, Paraná State, BrazilSan Antonio Province, ChileSan Antonio, Tolima, Colombia, a municipalitySan Antonio, San Miguel, El SalvadorSan Antonio de Cortés, Cortés Department, HondurasSan Antonio, Saipan, Mariana IslandsCape San Antonio, SpainSant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza, SpainSan Antonio del Táchira, Venezuela

How many us cities are named san antonio?

2 - San Antonio, Texas and San Antonio, Florida.

What are some waterways in the coastal plains region of Texas?

San Jacinto, Trinity, Brazos, Nueces, and San Antonio