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Q: What refers to the flow of fans into a stadium?
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What stadium has the record for holding 200000 fans?

macarena stadium

Which college football team has the most fans?

That is debatable. Michigan has had the most fans in a stadium in a game, and there are fans growing everyday.

How many fans does dallas stadium hold?


How many fans can fit in the santiago bernabeu stadium?

The total capacity of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium is 80,354

How many fans does the knicks stadium hold?

how many people does the new york knicks stadium hold?

How many fans does the buccaneers stadium hold?

Raymond James Stadium holds up to 65,857 people.

How many fans are there at a soccer game?

It depends on the size of the stadium.

Is the new tunnel at cowboy stadium blocked off to fans?


Which Colombian soccer stadium can seat the most fans?

el campin

What is the difference between highbury stadium and emirates?

there are more fans in emirate

What team has taken the most fans ever to the millennium stadium?


How many fans go to Busch Stadium each year?