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Most Touchdowns Thrown

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Q: What record will Brett Favre break this week?
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Who was the oldest QB to play pro football?

brett favre in one week

Who should you start Brett Favre or Drew Brees in week 12?

Drew Brees

Who holds the record for most passing touchdowns in the NFL?

For QB: Peyton Manning with 55 TD's when he was in Denver in 2013. For RB: LaDainian Tomlinson with 28 TD's when he was in San Diego in 2006. For WR: Randy Moss with 23 TD's when he was in New England in 2007.

The vikings beat the packers this week as what veteran quarterback returned to Lambeau Field?

Brett Favre

Was there a game that Brett Favre took one snap and then left the game due to an injury from the week before?


Should I start Brett Favre or Vince Young in Week 7?

I say Young! 2 thumbs up!

Has Tony Romo ever beat Brett Favre?

As QB of the Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo faced the Green Bay Packers with Brett Favre in week 13 of the 2007 season. Favre injured his elbow in the second quarter and was replaced by Aaron Rodgers. Dallas went on to win 37-27.

What NFL quarterback has the wons total wins?

John Elway and Brett Favre currently tied at 148. tie between Brett Farve-John Elway.. at least this week On September 16, 2007 Brett Favre won his 149th game as a starting QB passing John Elway for the most victories by a quarterback. As of September 23rd 2007 Brett Favre has 150 wins as an NFL starting Quarterback.

What was the most exciting NFL game this season?

Brett Favre and the Vikings comeback agenst the San Fransisco 49ers in week 3.

Who should start Brett Favre or Matt Schaub for Week 8?

t doesnt matter..but u do have to put Bryan Levsen at center and outside Linebacker

Brett Favre net worth?

As of 2010, Brett favre makes $24 million US dollars Per Year plus $7 million through endorsements. Favre is worth $100 million US dollars. See related link below for more information.

Philip Rivers or Brett Favre for fantasy who do you start for week 15?

Rivers by far, while Favre is still a great QB he has some injured receivers. At this point you are probably in the playoffs so stick with Rivers who has healthier receiving options.