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Q: What record for consecutive sellouts do the Buffalo Sabres have?
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What is the NCAA record for most consecutive sellouts at a Division 1 college basketball game?


In baseball who holds the record for the most consecutive sellouts at home?

The Boston Red Sox. Number 700 on 9.2.11

What team in baseball history has the most consecutive home sell out games?

The Boston Red Sox hold the record with 615 consecutive sellouts as of August 14, 2010.

What team holds the nhl record for worst powerplay streak?

2013 Buffalo Sabres 0-46 and counting.

How many wins do buffalo Sabres have all time?

No.No, Buffalo has never won a Stanley Cup. Coming close in the 1998-1999 season when Brett Hull scored the, controversial foot-in-the-crease, Stanley Cup winning goal against Dominik Hasek.

What is the buffalo sabres record for most goals in one game?

10 goals against the Edmonton oilers 2008-2009 season after the trade deadline Untrue: March 19 1981 Buffalo 14 Toronto 4

What is the current record for Denver Broncos consecutive home sellouts?

Currently the Denver Broncos have sold out every home game they have ever played including games prior to their induction into the NFL, when those records were not kept.

Hockey record for most penalties in a period?

Shawn Avery of the Stars

What does the last number in an NHL record mean For example the Buffalo Sabres are 7-1-2 in the last 10 games what does the 2 mean?

The third number is overtime losses for which a team gets 1 point.

What is the record for consecutive Pat's in the Big 10?

The record for consecutive Pats in the Big 10 is 91.

What is the Buffalo Sabres record for goals in one period?

they scored 9 goals in one period against the Toronto maple leafs in 1981. This actually stands as the most goals scored in a single period by any teAM AS well.

What NHL teams have the current longest consecutive sellout streak?

The Boston Red Sox beat the previous record of 455 consecutive sellouts held by the Cleveland Indians on September 9th, 2008. On of June 17th, 2009, the Red Sox will reach the 500th game milestone.