What record does reggie white hold?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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198 sacks 3 pics 1,106 tackles

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Q: What record does reggie white hold?
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Who hold the NCAA record for the most consecutive completions without an interception?

Reggie McNeal, Texas A&M

Who holds the Philadelphia Eagles record for sacks in a season?

Reggie White set the Eagles single season record with 21 sacks in 1987.

Who holds the record for the most sacks for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Trent cole this year, Reggie white all time

Was Reggie white a defensive tackle?

Reggie White was a defensive end

When was Reggie White born?

Reggie White was born on December 19, 1961.

Who drafted reggie white?

Reggie White was drafted by the Philedelphia Eagles in 1985

What is Reggie White's birthday?

Reggie White was born on December 19, 1961.

What are the release dates for Rustic Reggie's Record - 1916?

Rustic Reggie's Record - 1916 was released on: USA: 29 February 1916

What is the value of a Campbell's Chunky Soup label picturing Reggie White when he was a spokesman in 1997-'98 that is autographed by Reggie?

I don't exactly know but hold on to it cause it's an easy 150 right now

What actors and actresses appeared in All Pro Sports - Reggie White - 1996?

The cast of All Pro Sports - Reggie White - 1996 includes: Roy Firestone as Himself - Narrator Reggie White as himself

How long did Reggie White go to college?

Reggie White attended the University of Tennessee for 4 years, where he was recognized as an All-American for his performance as a defensive end on the Volunteers football team. He passed away in 2004.

Who hold the college quarterback rushing record?

WVU's Patrick "Pat" White 4,480