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Q: What reason does phoenix make her journey?
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When will Phoenix return from its journey to Mars?

The Phoenix Lander is not designed for return.

What does the doctor require of phoenix to get the soothing medicine in a wom path by eudora welty?

She must make the journey to get it.

What is a journey taken for a special reason?

A journey taken for special reason is called an expedition.

What does the title A Worn Path by Eudora Welty tell you about the journey Phoenix is making?

The title "A Worn Path" suggests that the journey Phoenix is making is one that she has traveled many times before. The path is familiar to her, indicating the perseverance and determination she shows in making this journey despite its challenges.

How much do dancers make in Phoenix AZ?

How much do dancers make in Phoenix az

What is a long expedition?

an expeditition is a journey made for a special reason so i guess a long journey

What does Phoenix mean in greek mythology?

Many ancient cultures had the phoenix among their myths, but for some reason, only the Greek name stuck. The work "phoenix" is the Greek name of the color crimson. It's also the name of the legendary founder of the kingdom of Phoenicia. According to many accounts, the phoenix lived in Phoenicia near a well. Each morning it would bathe in the water and Helios would stop his journey for a short time to listen to the beautiful song of the bird.

Can you make a sentence with Phoenix?

we're at phoenix Arizona The Phoenix is a beautiful mythical bird with colourful plumage.

A journey or voyage taken for a special reason?


What was the reason for atlantiss journey to hubble?

He wanted to be a millionair and did that

How many main stars make up the constellation Phoenix?

12 stars make up the phoenix constellation.

What type of journey is taken for a reason?

Commuting - to travel to work every day Expedition - a journey undertaken for exploration