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The 1980 Oakland Super Bowl Roster: Offensive Starters:

Dave Dalby C

Mickey Marvin OG

Eugene Upshaw OG

Henry Lawrence OT

Art Shell OT

Raymond Chester TE

Cliff Branch WR

Bob Chandler WR

Kenny King RB

Mark Van Eeghen RB

Jim Plunkett QB Defensive Starters:

Reggie Kinlaw, NT

Dave Browninge DE

John Matuszak DE

ted Hendricks OLB

Rod Martin OLB

Matt Millen ILB

Bob L Nelson ILB

Lester Hayes CB

Dwayne O'Steen CB

Burgess Owens FS

Mike Davis SS Subs:

Chris Bahr K

Jeff Barnes LB

Morris Bradshaw WR

Joe Campbell DE/NT

Mario Celotto LB

Todd Christensen TE/FB

Bruce Davis OT

Ray Guy P

Cedrick Hardman DE

Monte Jackson CB

Derrick Jensen TE/RB

Willie Jones DE

Rich Martini WR

Lindsey Mason OT

Ira Matthews RB/WR

Randy McClanahan LB

Odis McKinney DB

Keith Moody DB

Dave Pear NT/DT

Derrick Ramsey TE

Steve Sylvester OL

Art Whittington RB

Marc Wilson QB * Did not play in game

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Q: What raider players played at the Super Bowl xv?
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