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Q: What racquet does the number 1 men's player use?
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Do you use a racquet to play golf?


What is the worst yonex badminton racquet in the world?

The worst Yonex badminton racquet is the one you use worst.

How do you use racquet in a sentence?

A racquet is used in sports such as tennis and squash.Answered by a 13 year old. SO EASY!

Should you use a light tennis raquet?

Whether you should use a light or a heavy tennis racquet depends mainly on your skill level, but also your preference. Generally, more advanced players tend to go for heavier racquets. However, I myself am a 4.0 player but use a fairly light racquet.

Do's and dont's in playing badminton?

do's = strike the shuttlecock with the racquet so that it passes over the net use a racquet

How many tennis racquets are there in the world?

the average amount of people who have played tennis in there life in the UK is 5 million 400 thousand 3 quarters of them own a racquet you do the maths

When do you use men's and when do you use mens'?

You use mens' when its ownership of the men. You use men's when your talking about them. Ex. 1 Mens' ( Mens' clothing.) Ex. 2 Men's ( Men's are so smart.)

What does prestrung racquet mean?

A tennis or other sports racquet sold at retail is technically "prestrung" (ready to use). Pre-strung means the racquet is shipped to the store already strung and that is the way you purchase it. In specialty sports stores and pro shops, you purchase the racquet, choose the strings, and have the racquet strung at the tension you request.

Do all tennis racquets come with shock dampeners?

Since not all players use shock dampeners, not all tennis racquet manufacturers place them on the racquet, though some will put one or two in a small bag attached to new racquets, so that the player may decide whether or not to use it.

Does Michael chang use an oversize racket?

Yes, Michael Chang later in his career started to use a longer racquet, so he could have a better serve. Being a short player he had work very hard to win points, so this was and attempt to get him a few more easy points in a match. The racquet companies offered these slightly longer racquets during the 1990's. However, note, there are limits to racquet dimensions that can be used in tournaments.

What are the Equipment changes of tennis?

One change in equipment in the sport of Tennis, is the racquet. The racquet used to be a small head and a long neck. They changed it to what it is today because the "sweet spot" of the racquet was enlarged, making it easier and better to use.

Can you use a junior tennis racket to play racquetball?

Legally, in competition, no. The size and shape of a racquetball racquet is specific to the structural integrity and overall safety of the racquet.