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Lin Dan is using the AT700 ( Armortec700 ) with athlete tape on the top ( 10 - 2 o'clock ) of the frame, to resist from paint chipping or scratches and also to make his racket more head-heavy

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armortec 900 power

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Q: What racket does lin Chong wei use?
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What racket does Lee Chong Wei use?

Lee Chong Wei uses yonex armortec 900plc. This is a limited version of armortec 900 power.

How many times has Lin Dan beaten Lee Chong Wei?


Who are the famous badminton players?

Lin Dan,Lee chong wei and peter gade

Does Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei are best friend?

YES! Lin and Lee frequently refers each other as 'my best friend'.

How Lee Chong Wei success?

Lee chong Wei have been the most talented player in Malaysia'badminton history.he is the 2010 all England champion,2008 Olympic silver medalist as well as 2010 Asian games silver medalist.Lee Chong Wei is famous for his fitness and very good defence.however lee chong wei have only a forever nemesis,Lin Dan.

Dato' lee Chong wei who is lee Chong wei lee Chong wei profile biodata lew Chong wei biodata lee chomg wei asal usul lee Chong wee lee Chong wei biography when Chong wei birthday lee c?

Italy, India and the Ukraine.

Why lin dan and pete gade is the best badminton player in the world?

Lin Dan and lee Chong Wei are better than Peter Gade.

What was the score between lee Chong wei and lin dan in the Beijing Olympics?

Lin Dan won the game in two sets. 21-12 and 21-8

What is lee Chong wei's full name?

Lee Chong Wei's full name is just like that, LEE CHONG WEI. Unless you want to call him by his granted title, which is Dato' Lee Chong Wei.

When was Lee Chong Wei born?

Lee Chong Wei was born on October 21, 1982.

Is Lee Chong Wei a Malaysian?

Yes, Lee Chong Wei was born in Perak, Malaysia.

What is Lee Chong Wei's birthday?

Lee Chong Wei was born on October 21, 1982.