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Kasey Kahne won at Charlotte Motor Speedway the most in his Nascar racing career. He has five total wins at Charlotte, four in the Cup Series and one in the Nationwide Series.

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Q: What race track does Kasey Kahne have the most wins?
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Does kasey kain the race car driver have children?

His name is spelled, Kasey Kahne. And no, he is not married and has no children.

Who won the 2006 Bank of America 500 Nascar race?

Kasey Kahne

Who does Kasey Kahne race for in NASCAR?

In the Nascar Cup Series, Kasey Kahne currently drives for Hendrick Motorsports. He also drives a limited schedule in the Nascar Nationwide Series for Turner Motorsports.

Who finished second in the 2004 Nascar Cup Series race at Texas Motor Speedway?

Kasey Kahne did.

Who won the 2009 race at Sonoma Califoria in the nextel cup series?

Kurt Busch was the winner in 2004.

Who won the Nascar truck race at Darlington Raceway in 2004?

Kasey Kahne won the Darlington 200 on November 13, 2004 at Darlington Raceway.

Where was Kasey Kahne's first career Nascar Cup Series win?

Jimmie Johnson's first Nascar win was in the Busch Series, now known as the Nationwide Series. It was on July 14, 2001 at Chicagoland Speedway. His first Cup Series win was on April 28, 2002 at California Speedway.

Who won the Nascar Sprint Cup Series race on Father's Day in June 2009?

On Father's Day, June 21, 2009, Kasey Kahne won the Sprint Cup race at Infineon Raceway.

Who is Kasey Black?

No. Kasey is most certainly not Black. He is a purple mutation of the caucasin race

What would you do everyday if you were a NASCAR racer?

it verys. Driving is a big part, they race on the weekends. And they have meet and greets. They have a busy life. Kasey Kahne owns a sprit team, so he is busy with that...

Will Kasey Kahne date someone that's not a celebrity?

more than likey beause how many race car drivers marry celebrities? NONE. He's never dated a celebrity..thats for sure.

How much money does Kasey Kahne make?

It varies from race to race, but the total amount of money JUST from Cup Series racing alone is over 40 million dollars.