What race is Brodus Clay?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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Brodus Clay is Samoan.

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Q: What race is Brodus Clay?
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When was Brodus Clay born?

Brodus Clay was born on 1980-02-21.

Where does brodus clay live?

I think Brodus Clay is from Los Angeles, California.

How do you unlock brodus clay on smackdown vs raw?

Brodus clay is not there uptill now on any svr.

How tall is brodus clay?


Who is brodus clay dating?


Do wwe brodus clay is a guy?

He is a guy

Is hornswoggle and brodus clay brothers?


How much does brodus clay weigh?


What is the sexual orientation of Brodus Clay?

yes he is lol

What is the real name of brodus clay?

Jim Joston

Is brodus clay back in WWE?

Yes. He is the funkasaurus

Is WWE superstar Brodus Clay married?

No He is not married