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Q: What quotes from amigo brothers reflect the boxing event?
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Where was the boxing match in amigo brothers located?

Tompkins Square Park

What were the characters problems in amigo brothers?

The two best friends had to be in a boxing match.

What are some metaphors in amigo brothers?

Some metaphors in "Amigo Brothers" include the boxing ring symbolizing their friendly competition, their gloves symbolizing their bond, and the fight itself symbolizing their dedication to their sport and friendship.

How did boxing help Antonio and Felix growing up in amigo brothers?

They were more ruff and more better than there neighbor

Where do the amigo brothers get trained?

The amigo brothers get trained at the gym in their neighborhood where they have been practicing boxing for years. They have been training together since they were kids and have developed a strong bond and understanding of each other's fighting styles and techniques.

Who is the Antagonist of amigo brothers?

In "Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas, the antagonist is not a specific character but rather the internal conflict faced by the two friends, Antonio and Felix. They come to a point where they must compete against each other in a boxing match, putting their friendship at risk.

What time does amigo brothers take place?

"Amigo Brothers" by Piri Thomas takes place in the present time when it was written (1978) in New York City. The story follows the lives of two best friends, Antonio and Felix, as they prepare for a boxing match against each other.

What is the major problem of amigo brothers?

The major problem in "Amigo Brothers" is the internal conflict between the two friends, Antonio and Felix, who must face each other in a boxing match. They struggle with the idea of fighting each other while wanting to maintain their friendship regardless of the outcome.

Who wrote the short story Amigo Brothers?

The short story "Amigo Brothers" was written by Piri Thomas. It was first published in 1978 as part of a collection of short stories.

What is the theme of Amigo Brothers?

Two major themes of amigo brothers is brotherly love and friendship.

Was there flashback in amigo brothers story?

Yes, there were flashbacks in "Amigo Brothers." The story includes memories of the boys' training sessions and competitions, as well as recollections of their deep friendship and shared experiences growing up together. These flashbacks provide insight into their close bond and how they both view their upcoming boxing match.

What is a time line of amigo brothers?

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