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Q: What questions would you ask Serena Williams today?
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Are Serena Williams and Wendy Williams sisters?

That's what I would like to know are Serena Williams and Wendy Williams

Who butt Serena Williams or Nicki minaj?

I would say Serena Williams because it real. Nicki's butt has silicon in it

How old is Serena Williams?

Tennis champion Serena Williams is 36 years old (birthdate: September 26, 1981).

What is Serena Williams shoe size?

The volleyball star Serena Williams wears size 10 in shoes

Did Serena Williams and Venus Williams ever fight over tennis?

of course, who would win if they don't fight??

Was Serena Williams on steroids?

I would bet that many sports personalities are on steroids or something similar.

What would Serena Williams do if she was not a tennis player?

The Williams sisters were raised to believe in themselves, work hard and to have confidence and perseverance. Either can do anything they put their mind to.

What is Venus Williams greatest contribution?

She donated $1 million to "Serena and Venus Williams"

What would you say if you met Serena Williams?

I would say that it is an honor to meet her and that someday i wish to be as good as her. Also i would ask what it took th become so good.

My name is Sunday ADEWUSI would it be possible for me to have a private chat with Serena by having her email address i would like your cooperation in dis regard my email is

Youmust be stupid fellow. Which Serena are you talking about? May be you mean Serena Williams. She doesn't have a public address because of fear people like youwho could be just crazy

Who won the 2009 US Open singles title?

The matches have yet to be played for 2009. If you are asking about the 2008 singles champion, that would be Roger Federer and Serena Williams.

What are Clothing brands starting with an A?

Aneres, a clothing line by Serena Williams. (Interesting fact: Aneres is Serena backwards).Adidas, I'm sure you would have heard of that one. ; -)abercrombie, aeropostale armani,