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If you want to know more about soccer or good questions than start buy asking what does the feild look like, do you use your hands or feet, can you use your hands in goalie, what are some penalties in soccer, etc. ect.

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think of your own questions don't use the internet that is cheating if this test which it probuly is so go use your head not this computer computers rot brains

how to answer in bord exam quetions.

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Given the fact that Manchester city has new owners that are worth more than the entire united states, and the recent transfer of robinho to Manchester city. Will Manchester city ever be able to lure world class stars to its club and will they ever be as good as Manchester United.

I think not but it is up for debate

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Soccer is interesting because it is an exciting game. Being an enthusiast with this sport, I like watching how the play goes and how the teams work their way to getting a score. Although it might be a tedious wait, the game is still exciting and takes a lot of discipline and strategy to win.

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Q: What questions should you ask about soccer?
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