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Try asking him or her any of the unanswered questions in this category. Any of the questions in this category about Taekwondo organizations would be good, too, but it's a very bad idea to challenge your instructor.

Unless he specifically asked you to try to challenge him, i'd recommend against doing so- You are a student, your instructor is your teacher. you are there to learn from him or her, and better yourself (hopefully), not to issue challenges to someone willing to share their experience with you. it's disrespectful to go out of your way to try and challenge someone who is not only your instructor, but also (I assume from your question) A superior rank.

Why would you want to challenge your instructor? You are supposed to be challenging yourself, not trying to embarrass your instructors. The best question to ask him is "How can I be better?"

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Q: What question can you ask your second dan Tae Kwon Do instructor to challenge him?
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How hard are the blocks in tae kwon do?

It depends on your instructor and the effort you put into to learning them.

Essay for blue Tae Kwon Do belt?

Follow the guidelines of your instructor and write one.

What skills are needed to do Tae Kwon Do?

An open mind, a willing & positive attitude, and a qualified instructor.

What are the best videos for Tae Kwon Do beginers?

In the ATA you can ask your instructor if you could buy your rank appropriate video.

If you are nine and overweight is tae kwon - do the sport for you?

First off tae kwon do is not a sport so don't call it that. Second yes if you sign up for quality tae kwon do lessons you can lose weight.

How do you do Tang Soo Do?

You find an instructor and learn from them. There are many dojo in the US and much of the world that teach this style. Closely related would be Tai Kwon Do.

How safe are headgear for Tae kwon do tournamentsIs there a system to rate them or a website where I can learn more?

There's no standard on headgear, but ask your instructor and see what he recommends.

At the end of my Tae Kwon Do class the instructor says what sounds like hom nom hom sadeeda What does this mean?

It is probably "kamsahamnida" or "komapsumnida", which mean "thank you" in Korean. However, you should ask him/her. Your "sabeomnim" (Master Instructor) appreciates your questions.

What does instructor take notes on at tae kwon do testing?

generally he takes the notes right on your testing sheet! he gives it to you at the end so you can see what you need to improve on and what you did on.

What does it mean when your Tae Kwon Do instructor writes in Korean on your dobok?

When our instructor wrote on our doboks (uniforms) in Korean, he was writing our names. I think it helped him learn our names, and it certainly helped our Korean master refer to us by name during our belt test.

How old must children be to learn Tae Kwon Do?

This would depend on the instructor of the school. The school that I go to accepts children around the age of 4 years old.

What was the fastest recorded knockout time in Tae Kwon Do?

1 second by Burak Hasan!