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Jay Schroeder.

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Q: What quarterback took over for joe theiseman after he broke his leg?
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What quarterback took over for dan marino in 1993?

Scott Mitchell took over in the 1993 season as starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, but in the next season and until 2000, Dan Marino was first choice.

What quarterback took over for dan marino in 1993 after his season ending Achilles' tendon injury?

Scott Mitchell

Who was quarterback for the Texas Longhorns before Major Applewhite?

James Brown, a junior, was QB for the 1997 Longhorns. Applewhite took over in 1998.

Who was dallas cowboys quarterback before Tony Romo?

Tony Romo took over from Drew Bledsoe as starting QB in the 2006 season.

How many years was Ben Roethlisberger the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Ben Roethlisberger took over for the injured Tommy Maddox on September 19, 2004. He has been the Steelers number one quarterback ever since.

Who was the quarterback of the 1996 Green Bay Packers?

Brett Favre was the quarterback for the 1996 Green Bay Packers. He took over the job in 1992 when Don Majkowski was injured and didn't let go of the position until 2008 when he was traded to the Jets.

Who is the qb for the packers?

Currently Aaron Rogers is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He took over from Brett Favre in 2008 and has held the position ever since.

Who was the starting quarterback after Terry Bradshaw?

Scott Hunter took over for Starr in the 1971 season, Starr final season in the NFL.

Was there a Black Quarterback who took there team to the Super Bowl?

doug Williams

Who took the first snap as quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings?

Bret farve

Which quarterback took the Denver Broncos to their first playoff appearance?

Craig Morton

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