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Bubby Brister

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Q: What quarterback after Terry Bradshaw wore number 6?
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Which Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback after Terry Bradshaw wore number 6?

Bubby Brister

Who was the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers before Terry Bradshaw?

Joe Gilliam was the Quarterback prior to Terry Bradshaw, and he wore number 17. Before Gilliam and Bradshaw was Terry Hanratty and he wore number 5. Dick Shiner was the starting QB in 1969, the year before Bradshaw was drafted. Also playing in '69 was Terry Hanratty who was a rookie in 1969. Joe Gilliam was not drafted by the Steelers until 1972.Terry HanrattyTerry Bradshaw's first season with the Steelers was 1970. For the 1969 season, the Steelers had Terry Hanratty, Dick Shiner, and Kent Nix as quarterbacks on their roster.

What quarterback who wore number 6 said If I am half the quarterback Bradshaw was I'll be happy?

Walter "Bubby" Brister

Which Pittsburgh Steeler did not wear number 12 Terry Bradshaw Terry Nofsinger William Patterson or Bill Mackrides?

It was Bill Mackrides. He wore number 13 in 1953.

Why did Tom Brady choose number 12?

He didn't - his number in college was 10; the Patriots assigned him #12.

What Atlanta Falcon Quarterback wore number 19 Wore?

Robert Lee

Who besides Donovan McNabb has worn the number five as a quarterback in a Super Bowl?

Paul Hornung of the Green Bay Packers wore number 5 in the first super bowl in 1967. I don't think he played in either game but Pittsburgh's backup quarterback for Super Bowls IX and X, Terry Hanratty, wore number 5.

Who said I'd be happy if I am half the quarterback Bradshaw was?

Bubby Brister played QB for the Steelers between 1986-1992 and wore #6.

What football quarterbacks wore the number 11?

John Brodie, Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Randall Cunningham, Kerry Collins, Chris Chandler, Joe Ferguson, Jim Kelly,Rich Gannon, Bob Griese, Chris Miller, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, Ken Stabler, Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, Doug Williams,

Who wore number 3 in the history of the Oakland Raiders?

Quarterback Daryle Lamonica wore the number for the Raiders from 1967 to 1974.

What was the jersey number of terry mills at Michigan university?

Terry Mills wore #52

What number did 1970's quarterback Cornelius Green wear?

he wore number 7