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An athlete needs self-discipline, the ability to focus, and a reasonable degree of health.

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Q: What qualities does an athlete need?
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Qualities of an athlete to be in the Olympics games?

the qualities to be an Olympic athlete are strength,power,speed,balince

What are the qualities of a great athlete?

big confidence

What are some qualities of a successful athlete?


What qualities did chris hoy have as a top athlete?

He was determined

What are the personal qualities of a great athlete?

To be a great athlete you need to believe in yourself. If you believe you can you`ll be able to do anything! Also if you fail the first time try again no matter what anyone says!!~

Why do care workers need qualities?

care workers need qualities so they no what to do and know which qualities they need to use when and why they need to use it.

What degree do you need to become a athlete?

You do not need a degree to become an athlete. You just need to be good at the sport you want to compete in.

What qualities do you need to be hardworking person?

What qualities do you need to be hardworking person?"

What sort of diet does an athlete need?

I think the athlete needs a healthy diet

What qualities does a highwayman need?

what qualities are required to be a highwayman

What were the names of a male and female athlete in 1990 winter Olympics in andorra?

five qualities of a master student

Is a sub 21 minute 6k erg going to get me into colleges?

It is a good time, but you must have a coach willing to "sell" you or it wont happen. Also you need to have qualities of a good athlete and have the ability to learn/accept coaching

Why do athlete need glucose?

why should an athlete when running breathe through his/her nose and not his/her mouth

What is capabilities would an athlete need?

need to running fast

What other qualities should you have to be a professional athlete?

Confidence, Self belief, Commitment and have to be able to take criticism !

Why athlete need more energy than average adults . what an adults does?

because athlete has to burn calories

What qualities do you need to be a rugby player?

mental and physical qualities

What does an athlete need to skii well?

he need to be strong and very fat

What training do you need to be a professional athlete?

a lot

What type of person do you need to be for Lacrosse?

an athlete

What do you have to have to be a basketball player?

To be a good basketball player (or really a good athlete) you will need simple qualities that coaches like( i would know, i have coached basketball for 7 years) determination, openness to learn, bravery, preference, and smartness... haha hope this helped

What do basketball players need to be a pro athlete?

you need to have skill, faith, and teamwork

Do you need to do GCSE PE to become an olympic athlete?

No, you don't need a GCSE

What is the root noun of the adjective athletic?


Do you need to go to college to be an athlete?

No, not really but about 1 in 100 become an athlete without going to college.