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An effective sports leader should be positive and uplifting, however, the leader can not be afraid to be tough on his/her teammates when necessary. The leader should also be morally and ethically sound as far as off the field activities, and on the field conduct.

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Q: What qualities does a sports leader need to have?
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What are the qualities of a god sports leader?

to have a big willy

What qualities would you need to be a successful captain of a sports team?

Sportsmanship,leader,have to be good,respect teammates

What are the qualities of a sports leader?

be a good sports man and have make sure you have the knowledge to know what to teach.

What are 5 qualities of a sports leader?

incisive, confidence and humor is gay

How is David Beckham a successful sports leader?

David Beckham is a successful sports leader because he has the characteristics and qualities to deliver the roles that a leader has to. Also he can cope with the responsibilities that a leader has to deal with.

Qualities of an effective sports leader?

Qualities of an effective sports leader include; You should consider that even an effective sports leader is likely to be a retarded pussyhole and it's not even a prober job. Oh and they probably like sweaty men (like most guys in the army do), what does that spell to you?

The skills and qualities you possess which will make you successful in the role?

what skills make a good sports leader?

What qualities do you feel a successful team leader should have?

A good sports leader should be able to show understanding, compasion, encouragement, confidence and patience.

What qualities makes Odysseus a good father?

He is a leader and fathers need to be leaders.

What are the characteristics and qualities of a leader?

The qualities of a leader are -control -self esteem awareness

What qualities define you as a leader?

define a good leader

Why does a sports leader need to be good at organising?

They need to be good at organising because then they can decide who is better in a position.

What is the different between leader and leadreship?

Leadership is the qualities of what a leader is, and a leader is someone who has leadership. For example, if I said you have good leadership, I would be saying you have good qualities of a leader.

What are the leadership qualities in public health?

qualities of a public health leader

What qualities make a strong leader?

* *

What leader qualities helped the conquistador and early explorers succed in their efforted?

There are a few leader qualities that help the conquistador. The main qualities that showed effort was European.

What are the qualities of a team leader?

There are many different qualities to any leader, it all depends on the combination.AdaptableBalanceCommunicationConfidenceCreativityDedicationEmpathyEnthusiasmInitiativeKnow when to followLead by exampleMotivatorRespectOpen-mindedPatienceRealisticRespect

What would happen if a leader did not have qualities?

If a leader did not have the qualities needed to be a leader then they should have never been assigned the role of the leader. Some people are not assigned leader but just looked at as the leader and when someone is looked up to people typically follow what that person does; so if they do not have the right qualities then most likely the team will not be all that great.

What is a young sports leader?

a young sports leader is someone who helps train and teach children (younger sports people)

What is Irene van Dyk leader qualities?

she is a leader because i said so

Why do care workers need qualities?

care workers need qualities so they no what to do and know which qualities they need to use when and why they need to use it.

What is The Sports Network's motto?

The Sports Network's motto is 'Canada's Sports Leader'.

What qualities do you need to be hardworking person?

What qualities do you need to be hardworking person?"

You are capable of becoming a sports leader?


What qualities should a person have as a sports person?

Being good at sports and never give up.