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My high school coach had a sign in the weight room "Bigger, Faster, Stronger". To become a starter on your team, depends on YOUR team. My sophmore year, every starter was over 6' and 200 pounds. We only won 3 games. My senoir year, we only had 5 players over 6' and 200 pounds. We had our first winning season in 20 years 6-5. My senoir year we were a small team and I was a starter at 5'9" 165. Not bigger... I ran a 4.75 40, not so bad speed #3 on the team. I went from a 95 pound benchpress to a 275 max...a lot stronger. I wasn't a starter until my senoir year, but my senoir year, I played every down except 2 (equipment malfunction). What qualities do you need to become a starter? I don't know, you could be 6'6" 230 pounds...that's quality enough for most schools. In my case it was perserverance and hard work. I ran track in the off season to make myself faster and lifted weights ever other day for three years. You can't train genetics, since I had already outgrown my mom and dad, (Bigger) I decided to work on Faster and Stronger. Attitude is big too. You have to be mean or angry on the field. Don't shy away from the big hits. Take them and come back for more. We had one kid play that had no business on a football field, but he had the attitude the coach liked.

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Q: What qualities do you need to become a starter on a high school football team?
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