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have potential and be brave. you got to have alot of ball skills and be able to throw the ball from a far distance. you also have to have good cooperation skills

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Q: What qualifications do you need to become a professional rugby player?
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Is rugby a career?

Yes, you can become a professional rugby player and make a career out of it

Do you need any qualifications to be a professional rugby league player?

No, but you need past experience of playing RL.

When did rugby become a professional sport?

Rugby League split from Rugby Union to become professional in 1895. Rugby Union would not become professional for a hundred years, until after the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

How do you become a professional rugby player over the age of 30?

You don't. :) I agree you just don't. me too :) well i guess you could become a professional rugby player but you would have injuries all the time and you would probably would need to be completely mad to do so :P !!!!

What qualifications do you need to be a rugby player?

Educationally none however, you will be expected to have developed through the country of origins player structure. As many start their lives in the amateur sector of have played at high level through a university the players have been employed at some time in "other" occupations. They then become semi professional and final fully professional (if that country has a professional structure in place)

Why did rugby union become professional?

Rugby became professional after the 1995 world cup.

How much is a rugby player paid?

the average professional rugby player in England is on £56,000 a yr

When did rugby league become professional?


Who is josh duggan?

He is an Australian professional rugby league player.

What are the qualifications needed to become head rugby coach of South Africa?

As with any level in any country you need a formal coaching qualification and have started in the either as a player coach at club level of start by coaching youth/amateur sides and make the success of those positions without which not large or professional club will use your skills

Who is mike umaga?

Mike is a professional rugby player who played for Samoa.

What is the average career span of a professional rugby player?

10 years

Who was the first rugby union player to switch to professional rugby league?

it may have been Jonathan davies in the late 80s.

What qualifications to be a pro rugby player?

Academically, none. Physically, fitness, endurance and strength

Who earns more money rugby league or rugby union?

There's a lot more money involved in rugby league, probably because it was the first to become a professional sport.

How did James Hook become a rugby player?

by his kickin

What GCSE's do you need to become a rugby player?


Age of rugby players when they retire?

There is no standard age, however you rarely see a professional rugby player over the age of 35-40.

When did rugby union become proffessional?

Rugby Union became a professional sport in the wake of the World Cup in 1995 (officially on the 26th of August 1995).

What is the gross income for a professional rugby league player?

It would entirely depend on the indivdual.

When was Professional Rugby League created?

Professional Rugby League was created in 2005.

What sport is George Smith associated with?

George Smith is a professional rugbyplayer.

What do you get paid as a rugby player?

It can range from nothing at armature level to 100,000 per year as a professional

What is the average length of a rugby player's career?

From a sample of 50 professional rugby players it can be seen that the number of games played is 77. (76.68 rounded up)

How long is a professional rugby match?

A professional rugby match lasts 80 minutes.