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Academically you do not need any.

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Q: What qualification do you need to be a top class badminton player?
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What qualification do you need to be a badminton lines judge?

luke weeds mam

What to do for becoming an badminton player?

for becoming an badminton u need to practice

What is badminton equipment?

The badminton equipment you need is a birdie, a badminton racquet, another player, a badminton court and a pair of badminton shoes.

How can you be a badminton player?

You just need to keep trainning hard.

What sort of skill do you need to be a good badminton player?

You need really good hand and eye cordination

What qualification u need to be optitionist?

What qualification u need to be optitionist?

What skill or technique does a badminton player require which demonstrates components of fitness?

They need to require speed and skill.

Mechanics of badminton?

There are a lot of mechanics that need to be finessed to be a good badminton player. It's important, for example, to be light on your feet so you can quickly move to wherever the birdie is hit.

What qualification do you need to do Gcse in chemistry?

None. GCSE's are a foundation qualification and require no preparatory qualification.

How do you use qualification in a sentence?

You need a qualification in doughnut tasting for this job.I do not have a qualification in dolphin whispering.His boss found out that he lied about the qualification.

How do you wire a badminton raquet?

You can't if you need to rewire it then you have to by a new badminton raquet.

How do you get a qualification in first aid?

You wil need to take a class; contact your local American Red Cross or EMS service for details.

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