What qty is 1.5k?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: What qty is 1.5k?
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What does qty mean?

opt qty

What does opt qty mean?

opt qty

Will I be able to 15k?

With appropriate training, you may be able to run a 15K.

How massive is an explosion?

Depends entirely on type of charge & qty. Can be infinite as far as size provided enough qty available.

What is the format of Bin card?

There are lots of formats of 'bin card'. Here's one: NAME OF THE COMPANY BIN CARD NO PRODUCT NAME: PRODUCT CODE: WEIGHT/PACKING SIZE CATEGORY ________________________________________________________ DATE | BILL NO/INV NO | QTY RECEIVED | QTY ISSUED | BALANCE QTY |SIGNATURE

Deduction of steel in RCC quantity?

Bec. the steel percentage in the concrete is very low therefor we dont deduct the steel qty. from the concrete qty.the Cocrete qty. vastage is more than used steel qty.

What is the correct Abbreviation for quantity?


What is qty?

quantity-abbreviated (how many)

How do you contact community affairs apple?

We are looking for school donations . We are in need of desk top computers qty=50, laptop qty=50, -IPod, IPads qty=50ea, TVS qty=18. CD players qty=18, DVD players qty=18, and more. school name is: Arna W. Bontemps Elementary School, 1241 West 58th street, chicago Illinois, 60636 Phone #: 773-535-9175 Email address is, Thank you for your support. Principal Mr. Allen M. Mosley

What is the abbreviation for quantities?

The abbreviation for quantity and quantities is qty. Words that are synonyms or are related to quantity are total, sum, amount, and abundance.

What does QTY stand for?

it stands for how many you want

What is the greatest common factor of 18k and 15k?

The greatest common factor of 18k and 15k is 3k.