What putters do Pros use?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Golf pros just use the putters that you can buy in many golf shops but they are usually custom fit and customised for the player. The popular brands on tour include Yes, Taylormade, Odyssey and Scotty Cameron.

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Q: What putters do Pros use?
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What types of products does Rife Putters sell?

Rife Putters is an online store that sells golf putters and accessories. They have accessories to customize their putters with custom grips and weights and golf balls to use with their putters.

Can you take two putters on a round of golf and use both of them during the round?

Yes, as long as they are conforming putters and you do not exceed 14 clubs.

When was Professional Putters Association created?

Professional Putters Association was created in 1959.

What is a good but cheap putter?

Depends how cheap. Yes C groove putters, Rife putters, Odyssey and Ping putters are all excellent mid range putters. But you could also check eBay or the clearance/sale section in online shops.

How much did Victorian children get paid for working as putters?

how much did victorianchildren get payed for working as putters

Why are endomorphs shot putters?


What is the price range for Odyssey Putters?

The price of Odyssey Putters depends on several factors including the store and the condition of the item. However, according to some reviews, the new Odyssey Putters cost from tens of US dollars to hundreds of US dollars.

What are some of the pros of the escalator?

There are really some good pros of an escalator they are that people use them

Can you use more than one putter on green per round?

Yes, you can carry as many putters as you want. You can carry 14 if you want.

The club that is used on the green in golf is?

Well that is the putter of course There are all different types, such as belly putters, chest putters and your normal standerized putter. I hope one day my way of putting which is using a driver for putting, will make it big in the game of golf.

Why are Scotty Cameron putters better than others?

The Scotty Cameron putter is an expensive putter that some golfers find very effective. It is definitely not for everyone though. A putter should be tried out before purchasing. Light putters work better on fast greens generally and heavy putters generally work best on slow greens. Scotty Cameron has several models of putters and all are thought to be excellent.

Where can one purchase a TaylorMade putter?

TaylorMade brand putters can be purchased off of the company's official website. Alternatively, these putters are also listed for sale on both Amazon and eBay.