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Baseball players where cups as well as helmets whil they hit and catchers wear shin guards a chest cover up and a face mask

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Q: What protection gear do baseball players wear?
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What protection gear do netball players wear?

knee pads elbow pads

How safe is the gear that the Chicago Bears wear?

The gear that the Chicago Bears are very safe. They are very protective and specially made so that the players get the most protection for lightest wear.

Apart from body padding what protection do baseball players wear?

Batters wear helmets, catchers wear face masks.

Why do firefighters wear bunker gear?

protection from fire...

What protection gear do hurling players need to wear?

Very little protection is worn by hurlers, considering the speed and potential dangers. Some wear shin-pads and/or helmets, but not always in either case. Some will also wear gloves. Sometimes players will wear something to protect an existing injury, like extra strapping on a thigh.

What protection do soccer players wear?

Despite its rough nature, Football players generally dont wear a lot of protection. Apart from their jerseys and cleats, they wear shin guards.

Do NFL players have to wear cup protection?


Do field hockey players where eye protection?

Except goal-keepers no other players wear face or eye protection.

Why do baseball players wear numbers?

Baseball players wear numbers so they can be easily identified on the field.

Are the players required to wear genital protection in the NFL?


What do the players wear in underwater hockey?

Mask, swim fins, snorkel and protective head gear such as that worn in water polo. The head gear also has protection for the ears. Players also wear a special made glove during game play. Oh and yes - a swimsuit. And yes guys, Speedos are usually required.

What kind of gear do hockey players wear?

helmets and pads to protect them.

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