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National Football League: (Super Bowl) Super Bowl XXIX on January 29, 1995. The two teams were the San Francisco 49ers and the San Diego Chargers. San Francisco won 49-26. Major League Baseball: (World Series) 1906 - Chicago White Sox vs Chicago Cubs. 1921 - New York Giants vs New York Yankees. 1922 - New York Giants vs New York Yankees. 1923 - New York Yankees vs New York Giants. 1936 - New York Yankee vs New York Giants. 1937 - New York Yankees vs New York Giants. 1941 - New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers. 1947 - New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers. 1949 - New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers. 1951 - New York Yankees vs New York Giants. 1952 - New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers. 1953 - New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers. 1955 - Brooklyn Dodgers vs New York Yankees. 1956 - New York Yankees vs Brooklyn Dodgers. 1974 - Oakland Athletics vs Los Angeles Dodgers. 1988 - Los Angeles Dodgers vs Oakland Athletics. 1989 - Oakland Athletics vs San Francisco Giants. 2000 - New York Yankees vs New York Mets. 2002 - Anaheim Angels vs San Francisco Giants.

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Q: What professional teams from the same state have played for championships?
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